Who’s responsible for a dog bite?

Who’s responsible for a dog bite?

Dogs are lovable creatures that we bring into our homes as our pets. Although these pets can be great companions, they may not be as lovable to other people. Our pets have grown accustomed to us and our habits. They are not familiar with strangers. Upon meeting new people, they often need to familiarize themselves with a new individual. When they are confronted with new individuals that are not treating them they way they are used to, they may act out in a bad way. Their behavior can become aggressive. If this occurs, their owner may be responsible for a dog bite incident. When their dog acts in an aggressive way, it can show they are not being raised in a safe way. However, if the other individual did something to antagonize the dog, they may not be able to prove that the owner is responsible for the situation that occurred.

What are the circumstances that apply?

Although a dog owner can be held responsible for their dog’s behavior, this can only happen in certain situations. If a dog is known to have a history of violence, the owner should have reasonably known about the dog’s tendency to act this way. This may make the victim’s case easier to prove due to previous aggressive behavior. Even without a previous history of violence, the owner can still be held liable for the dog bite. If the dog bites someone off the owner’s property, was not properly restrained and was out of the owner’s control, then they can be held liable for the incident. In some situations, the victim may not be able to hold the owner responsible. This could show that the victim played a part in the situation that shows they are responsible.

Victims of these accidents can acquire damages if the owner is held responsible for the dog attack. They can gain damages in the form of monetary compensation. This compensation can cover the cost of medical bills that have come as a result of the dog’s bite. The owner’s negligence can result in these damages being paid to the victim.

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