Who Will Fix My Car After an Auto Accident in Las Vegas?

Who Will Fix My Car After an Auto Accident in Las Vegas?

  • Liability Coverage from at-fault driver’s Insurance –  If the at-fault driver’s insurance company accepts fault, they will usually pay a standard amount to have your car fixed. However, many insurance companies often take days to weeks to decide if they are accepting fault on the ground that they have to “investigate” the accident, so sometimes there is a long delay
  • Collision Coverage from your own insurance – This is normally the fastest and least complicated way to have your car fixed. Your repair bill will be paid by your own insurance no matter who is at fault. But, you would pay any deductible up front. The good news is the deductible will be returned to you if your insurance company get the repair cost back from the at-fault driver’s insurance.  Unfortunately, you may be responsible for a rental car while your car is being fixed if you do not have rental reimbursement coverage.
  • Un-insured Motorist Coverage with your own insurance – If the driver who caused the accident has no insurance or cannot be identified, and you have Un-insured Motorist Coverage (UIM), then your insurance should be able to pay for the repair, but you may need to pay the deductible depending on your coverage.

How do I have my car fixed?

If your car is drive-able – Contact the at-fault person’s insurance to work on repairing your car – but they will first have to do an estimate on the cost of repair. “adjuster” may come to inspect your car or you may need to take your car to the insurance company’s location. After an estimate of repair costs is done, they will have you take your car to a mechanic for a second opinion if you request it. If the mechanic feels the repairs cost is above the estimate by the insurance company, you should ask the mechanic shop to contact the insurance company for you. The insurance company may send you a check to give to the mechanic shop to pay for the repair.

If your car is not driveable, the Insurance company will send an adjuster to evaluate the damage to your vehicle. After that, they will write a check to pay for the repairs. If your car was towed to a repair shop or to a salvage yard, you need to act fast to have your car moved soon to a body shop, or you may be responsible for the storage fees.

If your car has been “totaled” from the Accident

This is when your car is not repairable economically – but it does not always mean that it cannot be fixed:  Insurance company will compare the fair market value of your car to the cost of repairing your car and pay you whichever amount that is less. A car that costs more to repair than what it is worth is termed “Total Loss”. The fair market value of your car is determined by the current price for a car similar to yours compared to the area car dealerships, newspapers deals, dealers comparisons, and value books.

When your car is “declared” as a total loss, you can accept the “total loss value” of your car minus the salvage value and keep the remains of the car; or you can accept the total loss value and salvage value and sign your car over to an insurance company. You will need to sign the title and power of attorney to allow the insurance company to take over the car.