What is MedPay?

What is MedPay?

In the state of Nevada, Medpay is a form of no-fault car insurance. Drivers can use this insurance policy, which can wind up benefiting them in the end. If they are involved in a car accident, their injuries can be covered by this form of insurance without having to establish who is at fault for the accident that occurred. Not only can this insurance cover injuries for the drivers, but it can also cover the cost of medical bills for passengers as well. It is important to know what your insurance policy covers so that you are aware of what type of coverage you have if an accident were to occur. After an accident occurs, it can be a good idea to call the police to the scene. This can create a police report that details the accident and what has occurred. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle to provide your insurance company with. Seek medical attention to address your injuries and have them documented for further evidence.

For motor vehicle accidents, you must file a lawsuit within a certain period of time. The statutes of limitations in Nevada is two years. You should file a lawsuit within that period of time if you wish to seek legal action against a responsible party. Otherwise, you may not be able to seek legal action if you wait too long.

How is the burden of proof involved?

For these cases, you may have to fulfill the burden of proof. The burden of proof is used to prove that a party is held responsible for the accident that occurred. By fulfilling the burden of proof, you can show that a party acted negligently, which caused the motor vehicle accident to occur. This can be hard to prove for some car accidents. Make sure you preserve as much evidence as possible. If you are too injured to return to the scene, you can have your attorney do so for you. This can be helpful since it may be able to provide more evidence to show that the other party was responsible for the accident.

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