Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Strong Legal Representation For Criminal Defense Clients

If you are charged with a crime, contact the Lawrence Hill & Associates immediately. Whether you are facing drug charges, a DUI offense, or a white-collar crime, our legal team will vigorously defend you. We offer an aggressive approach to criminal defense, at both the state and federal levels, and we work to deliver high-quality representation. Whatever the charge, you have rights under the U.S. and State Constitution. Our firm fights vigorously for every client. We recognize the serious impact of a criminal charge. While some may be facing overwhelming fines, others are looking at years in jail. Our responsibility is to do everything in our power to mitigate the effects of criminal and municipal charges or have them dismissed altogether. If you need a Nevada criminal defense team who is dedicated to your legal needs, contact Lawrence Hill & Associates.

Our criminal defense services

Our criminal defense team and advisors have dealt with just about every kind of criminal allegation. When you are represented by us, you can feel certain that you are hiring high-quality, dedicated, and experienced criminal defense lawyers who will aggressively defend you and provide you with forthright, honest legal advice. Our firm handles matters including, but not limited to:

  • Assault & Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Solicitation
  • Drug Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Sex Crimes
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Burglary, Robbery, Larceny, Felony Theft
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Casino Marker Crimes
  • State and Federal Felonies and Misdemeanors

Visitors who are arrested in Nevada

Were you arrested for a criminal charge while visiting Las Vegas? If so, we may be able to handle your entire case without you returning to Las Vegas. If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense, our firm may be able to convince the court to waive your appearance for court dates. For clients who live outside the state of Nevada, we want to help you avoid costly and unnecessary trips to court while we aggressively fight the charges.

Las Vegas DUI attorney

If you were arrested for a DUI charge, you are facing serious and severe criminal and civil penalties, including jail time, heavy fines, and revocation of your driving privileges. You have rights that need to be protected. Only a skilled attorney can guide you through the complex criminal process and defend you every step of the way. After being arrested for a DUI, most people are not sure what to do next. There are numerous questions to be answered. What kind of penalties can be imposed? Should you contest it? What are the chances of winning? What happens if you don’t? Our firm is ready to help. We are passionate, effective legal professionals. When assessing your case, we will review the criminal charge complaint and determine whether the police acted lawfully and abided by the legal procedures when arresting you for your DUI.

Penalties for a DUI

You may be liable for criminal and civil penalties. Once you have been arrested under the suspicion of DUI, the arresting officer drafts a declaration of arrest and submits a report to the district attorney’s office or the city Attorney’s Office (Prosecutors). The prosecutor will review the arrest and toxicology report. A determination will be made on whether there is probable cause to move forward with criminal charges. Once the prosecutor’s office approves a case, a criminal complaint will be handed down and procedurally your criminal case begins. Criminal penalties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd DUI offenses:

  • 1st offense: A misdemeanor; punishable up to 6 months in jail, a fine imposed by the court up to $1000, participation in a DUI school, the Victims Impact Panel, and revocation by the DMV of your driver’s license for a period of 90 days.
  • 2nd offense (within 7 years): A misdemeanor; punishable up to 6 months in jail; a fine imposed by the court up to $1000; attend a program of treatment for the abuse of alcohol or drugs; and a revocation of your driver’s license for a period of one year by the DMV.
  • 3rd offense (within 7 years): A category B felony; punishable by a sentence of imprisonment in the Nevada State Prison for no less than 1 year no more than 6 years; a fine imposed by the court up to $5000; attendance of a Victims Impact Panel; and revocation by the DMV of your driver’s license for a period of three years.

Defense for a DUI

In Nevada, the legal alcohol limit for operating a vehicle is 0.08% BAC. If you are at or above this limit, legally, you are too impaired to operate a motor vehicle. There are rules and regulations that must be followed when you are made to submit to a blood or breath sample. If these rules and regulations are not followed, it may be possible to exclude the results of the test. However, drinking alcohol is not the only way to get a DUI. You can be charged with DUI if you are found to be under the influence of narcotics, prescribed or otherwise.

Although there are many defenses in a DUI case, there are three main points of attack.

  1. First is the initial stop by the officer. Legally, did the officer have a right to stop your vehicle? If the stop is illegal or not justified, your DUI case may be dismissed.
  2. Second is the Field Sobriety Tests (FST) that may or may not have been administered. The officer who evaluates you (on a very subjective basis) during the FSTs must adhere to strict guidelines. If the officer deviates from these standards, it may be possible to exclude the tests and the results thereof.
  3. The Third main defense is to evaluate the results of the blood or breath sample taken.

Driver’s License Revocation for a DUI

  • 1st offense: For a first offense DUI, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) will attempt to suspend your driving privileges for a period of 90 days. If you submitted a breath sample and your BAC was at or above .08, your license could be confiscated immediately, and you will be given a temporary license (pink sheet) that will be good for seven (7) days.
  • 2nd offense: For a second offense within a 7-year period, the DMV will suspend your license for a period of 1 year.
  • 3rd offense: For a third offense within a 7-year period, the DMV will suspend your license for a period of 3 years.

We will request a hearing with the DMV and challenge the revocation of your license. At these hearings, the DMV will subpoena the arresting officer(s) and an administrative law Judge will preside over the hearing. In our defense, we will contest a license revocation and the stop’s validity in hopes of protecting your ability to drive.

Casino Marker Crime Attorney

Under NRS 205.130, a casino marker is an instrument used to draw deposited funds, similar to a credit card or a check that you have with a casino. The casino normally agrees not to cash it as long as you pay it back within a period of time. In Nevada, casino marker is not considered a loan. Even though an individual has to apply for a line of credit in order to get a marker, the state’s laws consider the debt to be the same as a check that bounced. A marker is connected to a bank account or some other collateral and the casino can draw out funds from that source if the individual does not pay the marker. Nevada law presumes that the gambler had the intent to defraud the casino by not paying the marker back within a certain time limit. If you have been charged with a criminal complaint regarding casino markers, contact Lawrence Hill & Associates.

If the casino marker is not paid what happens?

Usually, casinos will attempt to collect the debt themselves before turning to law enforcement. A casino marker works like a check. An individual will put a bank account number on the line of credit application for the casino marker as an asset. The casinos will first try to collect the money from the bank account by cashing the casino marker. If the bank account has insufficient funds, then the casino will attempt to contact you about the debt. By Nevada law, the casino must send you a certified letter informing you about the debt and give you 10 days in which to respond.

If the casino fails to reach you, then they will usually turn to the Clark County prosecutor’s office and make a formal complaint. Once the casino requests a criminal complaint, you can no longer pay the casino the debt directly. You must deal with the prosecutor’s office to resolve the matter. The prosecutor will send you another certified letter and give you 10 days to respond and pay the original marker along with additional costs and fees that the state will add on for processing the complaint. If you still do not respond, a warrant will be put out for your arrest. If you still do not respond after a warrant is put out for your arrest, then eventually you will be arrested. You will have to face jail time and also pay restitution.

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It is important that you contact an experienced attorney to handle your case once you have been charged with a crime. Lawrence C. Hill & Associates is an experienced criminal defense law firm in Las Vegas, NV. We are passionate about the law and dedicated to the future of our clients. If you need our help, contact us immediately.