Can an owner be held responsible for a dog bite?

Can an owner be held responsible for a dog bite?

Pets can become part of the family. When we get a pet, we take them into our home and see them every day. As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend. They can become our companions. However, dogs are still animals. They may be subject to aggressive behavior. As an owner, it is your responsibility to watch over your pet and take care of them. You should feed them and give them water as needed. You should also be teaching them the proper way to behave. In Nevada, there are laws that state a dog owner should be held responsible for a dog bite that a victim has suffered from.

Nevada laws state that every dog gets a “free” bite. However, if the owner proves to be negligent, they can still be held accountable. Once a dog has bitten once, they may be considered to be dangerous or vicious. State laws say that a dog is considered to be dangerous if it was involved in two separate incidents within 18 months where it behaved menacingly to the point where a person believed they were in danger or if it bit a person but did not cause bodily harm. Victims of these dog attacks are able to file a lawsuit against the owner to seek liability and claim any damages.

How can I build my case after a dog bite?

After receiving a dog bite, it is important to seek medical attention from a healthcare professional. They can make sure that the wound is not anything serious and prevent infection of the area. Treatment can also help make sure that the dog was given the proper veterinary care and may not have any other negative impact on you. This appointment can also provide documentation of your injuries. With this documentation, it can help to build your case by describing the effect that the dog bite had on you and the extent of your injuries. To build your case further, you should seek medical information about the dog. Also, information regarding the dog’s previous behavioral history could be useful as well.

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