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Dog Bite Attorney

Las Vegas Dog Bite Attorney

For many families throughout the city of Las Vegas, dogs bring companionship, fun, affection, and protection.  However, even trusted pets can cause serious injuries. Dog owners often are not aware that they fail to have control their dogs. There is big majority of family owns dogs and we have different dog parks located all over the valley, high number of dog bite injury incidences occur throughout the year.

Dog bite accidents are always cause serious injury to the human body. Sadly, children are often involved as victims in this kind of cases.  Dog bite injuries are the second most common injury for children other than other accidents. The accident can be result suffering of broken bones, permanent severe disfiguring scars, psychological trauma, brain injury, or even death.

Dog Bite Laws

According to the law of Nevada, dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions and homeowner’s insurances often provide insurance coverage.  Dog bite accidents are considered as a third of home owners’ insurance claims. In Nevada, we are a state with the “one bite” rule which is a common law that means every dog gets one “free” bite (without liability to its owner), and after the first bite, a dog owner should be  on notice that the dog is dangerous, and they are liable for the dog bite should their dog bite someone.  Dog bite and animal attack laws are complex. Talk with us at the Lawrence Hill and Associates who understand the Nevada “One Bite Rule.” We can help evaluate and protect you in this kind of case.


To Do After Attacked by a Dog

If you or your loved one got attacked by a dog, please keep in mind that the evidence should be elaborately preserved as soon as possible. You should obtain medical care, call the law enforcement and animal control, seek legal advice from a dog bite attorney, and demand investigation in the accident. You need to collect identity and the information from the dog owner and we recommend recording the injuries of the victim by using photographs.


There are many insurance companies that are lack of compassion and they often like to overlook the seriousness of a dog bite injury. It is important to protect your own rights and seek legal assistance as not every dog bite case are the same; experience attorney can assist you to obtain your maximum compensation. Call us today to have a free evaluation.


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