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Bicycle Accidents

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In recent years, biking has become one of the most popular sports worldwide; more people have begun commuting to work on bicycles, or going for a ride to a coffee shop in their spare time.  However, when bikes share the road with motor-vehicles, accidents are more likely to occur.  Bicycle accidents can often be more devastating when they involve motor-vehicles, because the size and weight of the bicycle is significantly smaller than that of motor-vehicles on the road.  When accidents occur, cyclists often receive heavier impacts than any motorist involved.

Bicycle injuries require an experienced lawyer, as the regulation of cyclists on the road can be complex and confusing.  Most people, including the authorities, may not be aware of the laws regulating the use of bicycles on the road.  If you’ve been injured in a bike accident in the Las Vegas area, and believe the motorist was at fault, let the Law Offices of Lawrence C. Hill review your case.  We work hard to fight for your justice and our goal is to help you receive the compensation you deserve, to cover medical bills and wage loss.  Talk to us today to receive a free case review and learn more about the ways that we can help you.
Las Vegas Bicycle Accidents

Unfortunately, in Las Vegas, bicycle accidents occur far too frequently.  The legal team at the Law Offices of Lawrence C. Hill understands what you have been through, and will take into account the multiple factors that may be out of your control, such as: malfunctioning bicycle equipment, roadway construction, and the unpredictable design of certain roads.  Keep in mind that, per Nevada law, bicycles hold the same rights as other vehicles on the road; motorists must share the far-right lane, and yield to cyclists as they would any other vehicle or pedestrian. If you have been involved in an accident and gotten injured, please do not hesitate to call us and get more information about your rights, and the many ways in which we can assist you.

Possible Causes of Bicycle-Related Accidents:

  • Motorists fail to pay proper attention to cyclists
  • Motorists do not provide enough space for cyclists
  • Motorists are unable to estimate the speed of bicycles
  • Illegal U-Turns
  • Unpredictable weather
  • Hazardous road conditions

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