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Personal Injury

Fast, Prompt, and Personalized attention to fight for you for Maximum Compensation

Car Accident? Whiplash? Slip and Fall injury? Head, neck, back, and spine injury? Trauma? Wrongful death?

Our attorneys represent families and individuals during difficult financial and physical tragedies. Our team is dedicated, hard-working, and eager to assist. We take every accident seriously and prepare each case as if it will be tried in a court of law.

The preparation and detailed planning that goes into each lawsuit enables the Law Office of Lawrence Hill and Associates’ personal injury lawyers to get the maximum compensation for you and your family.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

A: Your compensation dependent on facts of the accident, such as your level of injury, the amount of medical treatment you need for your accident-related injury, and what sources of compensation is available to compensate you for your injuries. Therefore, it is not possible to know how much compensation you may receive until we investigate all the facts related to your accident. Our team will thoroughly investigate all possible sources of compensation including the at-fault-driver’s insurance policy and assets, your own insurance policy, and any other possible source of recovery.
A: The length of time to get you compensation will depend on the facts. Based on our experience, a case with moderate injuries may usually take four to six months. But a case with serious injuries may last several months, and even several years. The time required is based on how injured you are, what kind of medical care you need, the number of persons involved in the accident, and if a lawsuit is necessary for you to receive settlement for your injuries.
A: While many people may decide to deal with insurance companies directly, there is many benefits in having a lawyer on your side. First, we help you avoid many problems that may happen during when you try to settle your accident claim – such as finding medical providers when you do not have sufficient money to pay for treatment, or having insurance companies try to pay less for your injury by forcing you to take a low-ball compensation. With us on your side, we will help negotiate for higher settlement amount than if you try to do it alone because we are experienced with dealing with insurance companies and through our experience of working with hundreds of accident cases.
A: We have the same contingency fee that almost every other injury law firm charges, which is 33% of the settlement amount if your claim does not need to be litigated by filing of a lawsuit and 40% of the settlement amount if we need to file a lawsuit to sue the at-fault driver, and actual expenses in representing you, such as paying for medical or police report. However, rest be assured that we advance all the costs of representation until your case is settled or unless we win.
A: We understand your car is very important to you in your day-to-day activities. After an accident, your car needs to be fixed as fast as possible or you need to receive payment for the value of your car as fast as possible if your vehicle is no longer fixable. We will do our best to provide help in dealing with insurance companies to figure out what is the best way for you to be able to commute.
A: Helping our clients have access to receive medical treatment for their injuries is our top priority. We have a network of medical providers whom we work frequently who may be able to treat you on lien basis – meaning that they will wait until your case resolves to get paid as many people do not have adequate health insurance. Many doctors may refuse to treat you without insurance. We will recommend medical professionals who are conveniently located close to your home or work to treat you for your injuries sustained from the accident.
A: We provide fast, prompt, and individualized attention to you. Our team has represented hundred of families during their time of need in dealing with the most difficult physical and financial hardships in their lives. Our team is dedicated, hard-working, and eager to assist. We are not TV attorneys and do not deal with clients in volumes like cattle herds. Here, our clients are not just a number – we take every client’s needs seriously and thoroughly investigate each case to get our clients outstanding results.


Timing is crucial in the first 24-48 hours after an accident. Call us immediately for a free consultation.

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